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Body care for men - Otelina Geneva


Ritual exotic unique, Sothys body care plunges you into a multi-sensory world at delicate and fragrant scents.
A parenthesis of fun combined with the specific gestures of Digi-Esthétique® Sothys.
Exceptional care, odes to the well-being, relaxation and the beauty of the body.
Inspired by Japanese or Oriental, signature treatments are an invitation to travel, the temptation of a perfume indeed.


Body care relaxing with captivating floral scents.
This body care consists of a scrub gloves followed horsehair with a full body modeling.
Its flower of cherry and rice powder smell will make you travel to Asia, continent of origin of this treatment if restorative.

Geneva man body care
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Oriental ceremony

A body care with ballotins of warm spices for you relax after a full body scrub.
This oriental inspiration care pampered you completely through a combination of ballotins of spices and hot stones.

Geneva Man Body care
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Oriental sensations

Oriental care inspiration.
This treatment releases the body of all its tensions with the specific techniques of this massage.
It will seduce you with its intoxicating smells and heat that emit the ballotins of spices slightly

Sothys Geneva body care
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Sothys Slimming treatment

A customized care for each of you so to have a more firm skin.
It first consists of a scrub, then a skin wrap and an active modeling to eliminate cellulite.
Sothys products used for this unique Protocol will enable to treat any type of fat (Fat, fibrous, or aqueous).

Sothys Geneva slimming care
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For a more intense effect and to prepare your skin, we recommend 15 minutes of shower hammam or jacuzzi session before the scrub.
Wide range of Scrubs with marine salts, black soap or 100% customized.

100% custom

Toning scrub for a sweet-salty exfoliation and get a velvety skin.
Let yourself go with the scents of your choice for a total moment of escape :
• Lemon & small grain, fresh and invigorating
• Vanilla & sandalwood wood, enchanting and sweet
• Orange Blossom & cedar wood, musk and Woody
Finally the application of a cream will come to enhance this so delicate scrub.

Geneva Scrub and modeling
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Salt scrub

A scrub with dead sea salts, recognized for their therapeutic value in particular against rheumatism and stress
Here is the main ingredient of this full body scrub.
Have a soft and supple skin.
Ideal before your waxing, it will charm you for sure.

Geneva salt scrub
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For a more intense effect and prepare your skin for a better penetration of the actives, we recommend 15 minutes of meeting shower hammam before the wrap.
To improve circulation in the 'heavy legs' action, we use pressotherapy with the wrap, without shower.

100% custom

Algae wrap and a blend of essential oils, 100% customized depending on the desired effect.
• Anti-fatigue and unstressful action.
• Draining and detoxifying action.
• Relaxing and reenergizing action.
• "Heavy legs" action.
Our different types of wraps associated with a hot blanket to optimize the results will leave you with a feeling of lightness and well-being unparalleled.

Geneva man wrap
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