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Sothys body products - Otelina Geneva



Sensory cherry blossom and lotus, sweet and powdery escape.

Hanakasumi™ shower cream

For a soft and gently perfumed skin.

Sothys shower cream

Hanakasumi™ restorative body scrub

Micro-Exfoliant gel for sublimated skin.

Sothys Hanakasumi™ restorative body scrub

Hanakasumi™ *Elixir nourishing body.

For a soft, silky and gently perfumed skin.

Sothys Elixir nourishing body


Sensory cinnamon and ginger, aromatic and amber escape.

Oriental ceremony bathing gel

For a soft and gently perfumed skin.

Sothys bathing gel

Delicious scrub Oriental ceremony

Marmalade sprinkled with spices for a sublimated skin.

Gommage Sothys

Oriental ceremony Elixir nourishing body

For a soft, silky and gently perfumed skin.

Sothys Elixir nourishing body


Lemon & small grain, Orange Blossom & Cedarwood or vanilla & Sandalwood

Elixir nourishing body

For a soft, silky and gently perfumed skin.

Sothys Nourishing Elixir


Your body deserves a custom solution!

Refine, sculpt, strengthen, sculpt, feed: common objectives all women who deserve yet custom processing.
Primary concern of women, silhouette is a reflection of their capital genetic but also to their rhythm of life: stress, hormonal variations, bad eating habits.
Effectiveness of the Sothys offer is based on the expertise of its estheticians that determine the silhouette precisely program adapted to each client.
Remodeling of the thighs, belly, buttocks, cellulite reduction...
So many problems, so many solutions!
A range of products specially developed to Act specifically on each area of the body, and specifically meet your needs.

Serum Activator slimming

Cellulite to be erased urgently!
This intensive slimming treatment is a real shock treatment for reduce the appearance padded skin even if in 14 days embedded cellulite.
It has a complex cosmetic ultrasound-like smart, whose the objective is to initiate the process of elimination of fat and boost the effectiveness of the products used at the same time.
Results: Up to -1 cm in 2 weeks !

Sothys slimming serum

Capital Slimming

Cellulite reduction / beautify the silhouette sustainably.
The indispensable ally slimming use without moderation.
Contains assets (cocktail of polyphenols) selected to limit the storage of fat at any time of the day (meals, activity Physics, rest) and promote their elimination by activating including the microcirculation.
Results: Up to -1.2 cm in 4 weeks with a single application per day!

Sothys Capital 24 slimming

Cream contour - Belly, size, arm

In response to sagging skin and cellulite problems on the hardest to treat areas: abdomen, size, arm.
Care specifically designed for mature skin, periods post-regime and post-pregnancy.
Contains active ingredients (extract of soy and sacred lotus) which the objectives are to strengthen the skin architecture and help make the less visible cellulite on particularly stubborn areas (stomach, size, arm).
Results: 75% of satisfaction on the effect firming on the belly, the haunch and the arms!

Sothys Galbante cream

Toning cream - firmness, stretch marks

This unctuous cream contains complex firmness-stretch marks to restore the elasticity of the skin and reduce the appearance of emerging stretch marks.
Also ideal for a nice cleavage.
Results: 61% of satisfaction on the reduction of stretch marks after 1 month!

Sothys cream