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Skin problems - Otelina Geneva


Skin and well-being are at the centre of our concerns.

The centre of aesthetic medicine Otelina Swiss Medesthetic Geneva offers specific consultations for your skin problems with Dr. Catherine Larnier, dermatologist and his collaborator Capucine.

Geneva Medical Aesthetics Tariff

Blemishes and skin irregularities

Want to say goodbye to all your small imperfections?
The centre of aesthetic medicine Otelina Swiss Medesthetic Geneva offers in a harmonious and safe, a specific consultation in order to remove all unsightly lesions such as:
- Seborrhoeic Keratoses (Fat warts)
- Microcyste
- Milia grain

- Molluscum pendulum or skin growths
- Hydroadenomas...
Capucine, expert in the analysis of skin, is at your disposal during a consultation to answer all your questions and treat your small imperfections.

The Geneva facial imperfection
The Geneva facial imperfection


Acne is a skin disease that mostly affects teenagers.
It may persist into adulthood or appear lately.
It often leads to an aesthetic annoyance.
Nowadays there exist effective ways to treat acne and therefore minimizes the presence of scars.
It is often necessary to combine several approaches to maintain beautiful skin.
Dr. Catherine Larnier, dermatologist and his collaborator, Capucine are at your disposal to analyse your acne type during a consultation and propose solutions.

• Skins cleaning for the microcysts
• Local therapies or oral route
• Specific chemical peeling for acne-prone skin
• Acne scars treated by laser or chemical peeling

Acne problems
Acne problems

Excessive Sweating

The excessive sweating can cause a real handicap in relational life (Exchange impossible handshakes), same as in professional life.
For some of you, after you try the numerous anti-perspirant from the market, you are looking for more effective alternatives.

• Iontophoresis :
It is a method that uses an electrical current to treat hands, feet or armpits.
It is a very effective method that takes place over several weeks
Three 20 minute sessions per week, for about 2 weeks then one to two times per week for 2-3 weeks.

• Injection of botulinum toxin or Botox®
We only reserve it for the treatment of armpits.
The injection is a little bit or not painful.
The effect is felt two days after and increases then reaches its maximum after one month.
After 8 to 12 months, the treatment is repeated because it is just about a suspensive effect.

Geneva sweating Problems
Geneva sweating Problems

Hair loss

Problems of falling hair, dull hair, devitalized, or even prevention and treatment for baldness...
During a prior consultation, Capucine, our expert analysis of the skin, or the dermatologist Dr. Larnier will bring you, by establishing an accurate diagnosis of your case, answers for a meaningful result.
Feel free to request for an appointment !

Geneva hair loss Treatment

Ruptured vessels and redness

Facial redness are one of the first reasons for aesthetic annoyance in dermatology, for women as for men.
The Otelina aesthetic medicine centre offers a specific consultation for your problems of small vessels that bother you such as :
- Rosacea
- Angiomas or Ruby tasks
- Telangiectasia of the legs
The dermatologist Dr. Larnier, and his collaborator, Capucine are at your disposal at a consultation and to discuss appropriate solutions.

Geneva redness and vessels treatment
Geneva redness and vessels treatment