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Massages and body treatments - Otelina Geneva

Geneva care and massage


The Otelina Geneva Esthetic center is an exceptional place entirely dedicated to the care and relaxation, located in the District of Eaux-vives, not far from the Rive Junction.
Discover Otelina Geneva with its massage space in a felted atmosphere and let yourself be transported into a unique sensory experiences, placing the welfare, efficiency and security at the heart of care.

Sothys Geneva Massage


• A harmonious setting combining elegance, comfort, well-being and health.
• A team of estheticians and massage therapists, professional, available at your disposal and regularly trained.
• A varying range of massages ranging from the relaxing massage to the therapeutic massage like draining massage, sports massage, aromatherapy or foot reflexology.
• Services performed according to the valid protocols, based on a professional diagnosis.
• Permanent concern for the satisfaction of our customers.
The Otelina Geneva Esthetic center selected Sothys for its unique forms and innovative outcomes of the Sothys advanced research, associated with the gestures and exclusive care protocols, expressing the quintessence of the Sothys care : Science and sensoriality.

Massages and treatments