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Massages - Otelina Geneva


Relaxation of the body and the spirit, the massage is designed to relieve loads and constraints of everyday life, it is the enemy of the stress.
The Institute of beauty Otelina Geneva, Virginie, is listening to you and advises you to live a moment of Swiss Spa Attitude.

The acquisition of a subscription of 5 sessions, we offer you a discount of 5% on the total amount.
For a subscription of 10 sessions, enjoy a discount of 10% on the total amount.

Massage promotion in Geneva

Massage promotion in Geneva

Relaxing massages

Massage 100% customized

According to your wish and sought profit we can offer you 100% customized massages.

Order for a massage
Order for a massage
Massage in Geneva

Mini-Cocoon Massage

Relaxing massage of the back which allows to calm the different voltages using more or less in-depth movements according to your wish.

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Mini-Cocoon Massage in Geneva

Cocoon Massage

As in a nest, in expert hands to listen to your needs, you can enjoy a new energy and a newfound fullness.

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Cocoon Massage in Geneva

Facial/Neckline Massage

For a soothing and lifting of immediate effect.

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Massage of the face and Neckline in Geneva

Otelina Art Massage

This massage takes into account the totality of being. It allows release deeper tension, relieve pain, reduce fatigue and stress.

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Massage of the body in Geneva

Massage with hot stones

Leave to the discovery of a massage lavished with oil and polished hot stones of volcanic origin. Benefits of a mini sauna, a massage that drains, detoxifies and relaxes and loosens the muscles.

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Hot stone Massage in Geneva

Shells massage

Delicious parenthesis of wellness, massage with hot shells is a call to escape. It instantly to immerse yourself in a cocoon of warmth. It dissolves muscle tension, soothes the nervous system, promotes better blood & lymphatic circulation. It also balances the body and spirit.

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Shells massage in Geneva

Lomi Lomi Massage

Discover a unique experience from Hawaii.
A massage combining the four elements, water, air, fire and earth, Which harmonizes the body and soul .
Due to fluid and rhymed movements your tensions will be relieved and your lymphatic circulation improved.

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Lomi Lomi Massage

Soft Massage

Massage for pregnant women. With slow and gentle maneuvers.

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Massage pregnant woman to Geneva

Treating massages

Lymphatic drainage massage of type Leduc

Done with slight pressure, massage provides the opening of lymph nodes by the special manoeuvres, and diaphragmatic breathing. After approximately 5 meetings, you will see a significant reduction in water retention.

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Geneva Lymphatic drainage

Ayurvedic Indian massage

Therapeutic massage mixing specialty hot oils and designed to balance the body and mind by providing sustainable well-being.

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Ayurvedic massage in Geneva

Sportif massage

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Massage for sports in Geneva

Foot reflexology

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Reflexology in Geneva