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Wellness well-being Cures - Otelina Geneva

Otelina novelties : Wellness therapies

The Otelina Esthetic center has created some Wellness therapies
These are moments of well-being studied for specific solutions and to take in charge tensions or overload of the body.
Our priority is you !
For the purchase of 3 therapies get 10% extra on your therapy.

Geneva Detox therapy

Detox therapy :

The objective of this therapy is to eliminate toxins, to reactivate the blood circulation and strengthen the skin.
This detox process will bring vitality and enjoy a newfound energy.

The detox therapy of your Institute of beauty Otelina includes:
- Sothys slimming care including a body scrub, wrap and an anti-cellulite massage
- Two drainage of the body of 60 min

Procedure: Care slimming 1st week, then two draining massages the 2nd week
Price: 375 - Frs and enjoy 20% discount on all body and slimming products
Your body remodeling esthetician will also provide you advices on slimming and we recommend that you make an anti-cellulite program 1 to 2 times per week as maintenance.

Geneva Detox therapy

Geneva  anti-stress therapy

Anti-stress therapy :

To cope with the stresses of work or daily life, our beauticians offer you this warm enveloping cure of head at the foot.
You will pleasantly feel zen and ready.
Relax in your Otelina Institute of beauty thanks to this therapy adapted to your needs : 

- Massage with hot stones
- The Otelina art Massage
- Shell massage

Procedure: A 1 h 15 massage per week on 3 weeks or express therapy a week, a massage 1 day on 2 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Price: 475 - Frs and enjoy a stunt facial 30 min offered.

Geneva anti-stress therapy

Geneva back pain therapy

Back pain therapy :

Back pain has become a major cause of disability before the age of 45.
Relieve and relax your back is the goal of our back pain therapy :

- A 30 min back massage
- A 1 h 15 hot stone massage, allowing to relax your tensions and relieve your pains
- A 45 min sports massage, that binds stretching, supports, and kneading

Therapy for men and women with tensions of the back on a daily basis.
Procedure : A massage a week every 3 weeks or an express therapy of one week, a massage 1 day on 2 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
Price: 320 - Frs and enjoy a free 30 min cocoon massage.

Geneva back pain therapy

Geneva pregnant women therapy

Pregnant women therapy :

Pregnancy can cause muscle pain by the transformation of the body and sometimes the source of stress.
Massage helps to soften the skin so as to avoid stretch marks, from relieve cramps of heavy legs and calves.
It is a moment of well-being for women but also for the future baby who suffer from the 4 th month caresses and hear a soft music that will rock it.

Our pregnant woman therapy includes :
- A gentle massage with adapted cushion (neutral oil) 45 min
- A 30 min body scrub
- A 45 min manual drainage or pressotherapy for heavy legs
- A 50 min facial "Event of season" for a full of vitamins

Procedure : A scrub followed by a soft massage 1st week then drainage followed by facial the 2nd week or express treatment one week, a body scrub + massage and drainage and facial two or three days later.
Price: 380 - Frs and enjoy 20% discount on the toning cream and 20% on milk hydra-nourishing body.

Geneva pregnant women therapy