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Aesthetic medicine - Otelina Swiss Medesthetic


The centre of aesthetic medicine of Otelina Swiss Medesthetic Nyon offers a range of modern facilities for the most appropriate to your needs and to offer you an optimal satisfaction.
The expression "be well in your skin" reflects the importance of the skin on the moral aspect and self-assurance.
Improving the skin appearance is so important.
We help you set together how to correct your alterations.
The rates below are given as indicative; they will be confirmed during the clinical analysis at Otelina Swiss Medesthetic.

Chemical peeling
Hyaluronic acid injections
The mesotherapy
The mesopecie
Injection of botulinum toxin, often known as Botox®
Non-surgical facelift of the oval of the face, neck and neckline through the Elite Exilis, radio frequency last generation coupled ultrasound
Permanent laser hair removal, painless
Photorejuvenation medical pulse light
Lipocryolysis for cellulite

Dr. Catherine Larnier

Physician specialist in dermatology FMH

Intelligent societies
• Member of the Switzerland society of Dermatology
• Member of the French society of Dermatology
• Member of the Group of cosmetic dermatology and corrective gDEC
• Member of the Group Dermatochirurgical-SFD
• Member of the French society of Dermatology laser group

Nyon Dermatology

Professional activities
• Director of Otelina Swiss Spa, Nyon and Geneva
• Director of Otelina Swiss Medesthetic, Nyon, Geneva, Rolle


Want to say goodbye to all your small imperfections ? I propose in a harmonious and safe setting, a specific consultation in order to remove all unsightly lesions such as : Keratoses (Fat warts) micro-kystes, milium grain, Pendulum or outgrowth of skin, adenomas...
Capucine, expert in skin analysis, stands at your disposal during a consultation to answer all your questions and treat your problem.


The scalp like skin is subjected to multiple daily aggressions, it ages.
Problems of falling hair, dull or lifeless hair, alopecia areata or even prevention and treatment for baldness, on the same principle as Mesotherapy for skin, we offer a complete and active solution in terms of the contribution in micronutrients and bio-stimulation of the hair growth process.
During a prior consultation, Capucine, our expert in the analysis of the scalp, will bring you in establishing an accurate diagnosis of your case, answers for a meaningful result.
Feel free to get in touch with her !

Medical aesthetic consultation tariff Nyon


Our centre, always at the forefront of technology, request you to make an analysis of the skin in order to offer you the treatments best suited to your case.
The 3D reconstruction is done from a camera.
We will snap you. You must come with no makeup the day of the shooting.
It takes only a few seconds. The camera reconstructs your face in 3D which allows the analysis of the volumes.
A program allows us to also analyze the settings of the skin, such as wrinkles, roughness, spots, vessels, oily texture and compare you to people of the same sex, even age and same phototype.
We can also compare before and after treatment or care, or application of product of beauty to enjoy the benefits of these treatments.

Nyon facial analysis
Nyon facial analysis tariff


Old method but which has a place in the aesthetic improvement of the skin.
At the centre we are superficial and medium peels.
The nature of the peeling is discussed at the first evaluation consultation.

The peels are used to :
Reduce pigment spots due to Sun
Treat melasma (sometimes called mask of pregnancy)
Give a glow to the skin (combat this famous yellowish complexion!)
Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Decrease acne lesions

Some peels require a specific preparation of the skin 1 month before its realization: medium peeling skin aging or peeling anti-stain for melasma.
A prior consultation with doctor Larnier or Capucine, will allow you to ask all your questions and know what happens during treatment.

Nyon Peeling
Nyon Peeling Tariff


The face changes over the years.
Volumes are decreasing, the skin ages, refined, and more or less deep wrinkles appear.
Hyaluronic acid is a way to fill those volume losses (cheekbones, cheeks, lips) and tighten the skin to reduce wrinkles (nasolabial fold of bitterness) with natural.
There is talk of soft-facelift in opposition with the surgical lifting.
The choice of the product depend on its use (volume, wrinkles, fine lines) and the quantities to be injected will depend on the condition of the skin.
During a consultation, Dr. Larnier will explain which products would be most suitable for you, how it happens and she will make you a quotation.
The results are immediate.
Injections are not painful but it is possible to make local anesthesia in sensitive areas like the lips. The recovery is immediate.
Depending on the product and the injected area the effect can last between 8 to 12 months.
Some redness and slight bruising can occur and usually resolve in a few days.

Nyon hyaluronic acid injection
Nyon Tariff Hyaluronic acid


Sagging skin, skin dehydrated and refined...
The solution is in the Mesotherapy !
Your skin undergoes multiple aggressions, it dries out, loses its elasticity and thins over time.
Act of smooth aesthetic medicine, Mesotherapy is an ancient technique that consists of microinjections into the dermis, to administer products derived from biotechnology (natural), such as hyaluronic acid, salts minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

This treatment has the advantage to be able to be of interest to all surfaces of the skin affected by external aggressions (face, neck, back of hands, arms...)
The recommended initial treatment is by therapies of 3 to 5 sessions, spaced from 15 days.
A maintenance treatment is preferable to potentiate the effects of the therapy once every 2 to 3 months

Nyon Mesotherapy
Nyon Mesotherapy Tariff


To boost the density, limit or even stop hair in men and women.
Just like the skin, the scalp is aging.
Alopecia, alopecia areata can have various causes including deficiencies of vitamins, stress, fatigue...
Mesopecie (technique similar to Mesotherapy, but on the area of the scalp), by its action, will stimulate the scalp and the bulb so the regrowth occurs, moisturize and nourish the scalp and especially limit or even stop the fall.
Ideal also for treating dull hair or irritated scalp, its indications are thus multiple.

The recommended initial treatment is 4 sessions, 1 times a week then 4 sessions, 1 time all 15 days.
A maintenance treatment is preferable 1 time per month or cure 2 times a year 3 to 4 sessions for the most severe indications of andro-genetic alopecia.

Nyon mesopecie tariff


Botulinum toxin is a substance extracted from bacteria (clostridium Botulinum).
It acts by inhibiting the contraction of the muscle where it was injected.
In case of «the lion rides», frontal wrinkles or wrinkles at the level of the "Crow", the botulinum toxin is currently the best medical treatment.
This is also a good treatment for 'folds of bitterness' and 'strings' muscular neck.
For young people, it helps to get rid of a face to the expression severe and anxious to find a serene face.
For people with a skin aging; it allows remove their wrinkles, maintaining an appearance and a natural expression.
During a prior consultation doctor Larnier will consider whether this is a good indication for your wrinkles, you will explain how it happens and will search if you have some contradictions to this treatment.

Nyon Botox Injection

• No preparation, no screening test will be required.
• The injection is done without any anesthesia.
• After the injections, the muscles being weakened, alleviation of wrinkles appear gradually between the 3rd and the 15th day.
• At the end of the injection, you can resume to a normal activity.

The result lasts from 4-6 months at the beginning of the injections, and then from 10 to 18 months after 3 or 4 years of treatment.
Therefore, injecting this product, at least in the beginning, 2 times a year to keeps the result.

Nyon Injection of botunium toxin
Nyon Botox Tariff


Until a few years back only a surgical facelift allowed globally modify a face.
Today thanks to Exilis Elite, radiofrequency targeted technology coupled with ultrasound; it is possible to redefine the oval of the face, reducing facial wrinkles, firming the neck and neckline, without resorting to surgery, without anesthesia and without downtime.
Radio frequency allows heat tissues and stimulate the dermis for a visible facelift effect, from the 1st meeting and maximum after 1-2 months after 4 treatment sessions.
Sessions are spaced every 8 to 10 days, the total duration of the attack phase is 4-6 weeks and then we offer a maintenance phase, then a session every 2 to 3 months.
ADuring a prior specific consultation, Dr. Larnier will update on your expectations, the State of your skin and you will propose a treatment plan and a precise quotation. In general, it takes 250 - per treated area and per meeting, 600. - for a full face.

Nyon non-surgical facelift



A whole new generation of laser, the LINSCAN, is available at the Center and is unique in Switzerland.
It allows permanent hair removal, painlessly, safely, on all types of skin, even dark, and all types of hair, even the fine hair.
The laser treats unwanted hair in men and women or in the context of a hirsute women, reflected in the presence of hair in male areas (upper lip, Chin, Favorites, chest, belly).
Talk with doctor Larnier to detect a hormonal disorder potential.
Light penetrates the skin without damaging tissues and it is absorbed in depth by the brown pigment of hair (melanin).
Thus, the pigmented hair follicles are destroyed over sessions.
White hairs are not reached by the laser.
The volume of the hair depends on the number of hairs that are in period of growth and the duration thereof. The duration of a cycle is variable depending on the age of the patient and their situation in their body. Sessions will be more or less spaced according to areas.
Just after the meeting a little redness and observed a small swelling of the hair which quickly disappears. In the treated area hair destroyed by the laser are going to fall in the following 2 weeks.
Between sessions the persistent hairs can be shaved or cut with scissors but it is recommended not to use wax hair removal or tweezers pliers.
All these aspects will be discussed with Dr. Larnier on your first visit and specific advice you will be given to have the maximum effect from the first session.

The benefits :
Session almost painless with our new laser generation
Hair removal is durable over several years or even final
Possibility to treat matte, black or tanned skins

Consult the price for women and men.

Nyon Permanent Laser Hair Removal


The rejuvenation with pulsed light helps you keep a young and fresh appearance despite exposure to the Sun and the decreasing production of collagen causing aging of the skin.
The flashes of visible light emitted by the lamp, give safely a smoother appearance to the treated area, face, neck and neckline because they improve the texture of the skin, remove stains from aging, diffuse redness and reduce pigmentation irregularities.
Many women have indicated that the makeup was also facilitated.

Nyon Photorejuvenation
Nyon Photo-rejuvenation tariff


It is a new technology that reduces fat tissue in a selective and non-invasive way.
Fat cells (adipocytes) that are located in the skin tissue are rich in saturated fat, which makes them particularly sensitive to the cold.
Instead, boundary elements such as blood vessels, the peripheral nervous system, melanocytes, fibrocytes, poor fat cells, are much less sensitive to cold comparison.
This feature allows the natural degradation of fat cells without harming the surrounding tissue.

Lipocryolysis Nyon
Lipocryolysis Nyon

Fat cells removed by the treatment gradually release their lipids as a first step, before being permanently absorbed by natural metabolism in a second time.

Depending on the depth of adipose tissue and the desired reduction, it will take between 1-3 sessions per area.
The treatment of a zone takes about 30 minutes.
According to the initial depth of the tissue greasy, the average loss will be between 3 and 15 mm corresponding in percentage of fat tissue by 25% and 45%.
Approximately 40% of the result of the meeting will be already visible at the end of 15 days, but you should wait at least 6 weeks to evaluate the results and decide whether it is necessary to make a new session.

The process is not painful. You can feel a low stretch at the level of the area due to the action of the void, as well as a feeling of localized cold, especially at the beginning of the meeting.
Usually, it appears a redness and a stunning area which can last two hours after the meeting.
Exceptionally, it may appear a light bruise which subsides in a few days with resumption of normal activity, without any discomfort, immediately after the meeting.

The Lipocryo of selective and controlled by adipocytes cooling method, reduces significant and natural fat without trauma, to the difference of the invasive methods (liposuction), and without the risk of damaging the surrounding tissue.