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Eyelash extension - Eyelash dyeing - Otelina Nyon


The look is a major asset in our relationship with others.
To magnify it remains a deep desire in women.
One of the latest techniques in the field is the eyelash extension.
One by one, your eyelashes are extended and expanded to give you a beautiful look with a natural effect.
The eyelash extension helps to have a permanent makeup always being perfect.
Approximately every 3 weeks a filling is necessary.
Elodie and Amelia, our estheticians, have a perfect mastery of the technique for an exceptional result.

Installation of Eyelash extensions

Order for an eyelash extension
Installation of Eyelash extensions

Filling of Eyelash extensions

Order for a filling of Eyelash extension
Filling of Eyelash extensions


Dyeing of eyelashes

Order for a dyeing of eyelashes
Dyeing of eyelashes Nyon

Dyeing of eyebrows

Order for a dyeing of eyebrows
Dyeing of eyebrows Nyon

Dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows

Order for eyelashes and eyebrows dyeing
Dyeing of eyelashes and eyebrows Nyon