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Aesthetic medicine - Otelina Nyon


The use of aesthetic medicine by men is constantly rising.
The centre of aesthetic medicine of Otelina Swiss Medesthetic Nyon has a space dedicated to men to bring answers to the existing needs of these gentlemen.
For men also, general pace is more and more demanded as an important need.
The appearance can be a way to show that we remain successful on the labour market.
There is also use of aesthetic medicine simply by coquetry.
Fill the wrinkles look less tired or sad are frequent requests.

Injections of hyaluronic acid
Injections of botulinum toxin, often called Botox®
Non-surgical facelift by radio frequency last generationcoupled with ultrasound
Permanent laser epilation, painless
Photorejuvenation by pulsed medical light
Lipocryolysis for localized fat

Dr. Catherine Larnier

Physician specialist in dermatology FMH

Intelligent societies
• Member of the Switzerland society of Dermatology
• Member of the French society of Dermatology
• Member of the Group of cosmetic dermatology and corrective gDEC
• Member of the Group Dermatochirurgical-SFD
• Member of the French society of Dermatology laser group

Nyon Dermatology

Professional activities
• Director of Otelina Swiss Spa, Nyon and Geneva
• Director of Otelina Swiss Medesthetic, Nyon, Geneva, Rolle


Want to say goodbye to all your small imperfections? I propose in a harmonious and safe setting, a specific consultation in order to remove all unsightly lesions such as: Keratoses (Fat warts) micro-kystes, milium grain, Pendulum or outgrowth of skin, adenomas....
Capucine, expert in skin analysis, stands at your disposal for consultation to answer all your questions and address your problem.


The scalp just like the skin is subjected to multiple daily aggressions, it ages.
Problems of falling hair, dull or lifeless hair, alopecia areata or even prevention and treatment for baldness, with the same principle for skin Mesotherapy, we offer a complete and active solution in terms of the contribution in micronutrients and bio-stimulation of the hair growth process.
During a prior consultation, Capucine, our expert in the analysis of the scalp, will bring you answers for a meaningful result by establishing an accurate diagnosis of your case.
Feel free to get in touch with her !

Rates for medical aesthetic consultations


Our center, always at the forefront of technology, offers to make an analysis of the skin in order to offer you the treatments best suited to your case.
he 3D reconstruction is done from a camera.
We will take you in picture. You must come not wearing makeup the day of the shooting.
It takes only a few moments. The camera reconstructs your face in 3D which allows the analysis of the volumes.
A program allows us to also analyze the settings of the skin, such as wrinkles, roughness, spots, vessels, oily texture and compare you to people of the same sex, even age and same phototype.
We can also compare before and after treatment or care, or application of product of beauty to enjoy the benefits or inconveniences of these treatments.

Face analysis
Rate for the 3d analysis of the face


What for ?
- Give shine to the face, for the smoker particular
- Reduce or erase brown spots related to solar exhibitions
- Make wrinkles disappear or fade wrinkles
- Treat acne and reduce acne scars
How ?
We offer you a consultation to assess your needs, determine what peeling will be most appropriate and you explain the effects that you will witness during and after the peeling.
What peeling type ?
There are several types of peels.
We practice superficial and medium peels (glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid...) that allow you to live a social life.

Peeling man
Rates for peels


What for ?
- Correct your sad and tired look
- Correct volume losses
- Create volumes
- Fill the wrinkles
How ?
We offer you a consultation to assess your expectations, determine what injection and what product will be most appropriate and explain you the effects expected as well as establish a quotation for you.
Expected results ?
There are several hyaluronic acids which have different properties.
Injections are not painful, recovery is immediate.
It is possible to observe a hematoma at the injection site, it subsides in a few days.
The results are immediate but improve in the following days.

Hyaluronic acid Injection men
Rates for Hyaluronic acid


What for ?
- Give shine to the face, for the smoker particular
- Moisturize the skin in depth
- Fade fine lines
- Diminish acne scars
How ?
We realize microinjections in the superficial part of the skin.
We use natural products such as hyaluronic acid, salts minerals, vitamins and oxidizing.
We recommend a course of attack, consisting of 3 or 5 sessions every 2 weeks.
To maintain the benefit, maintenance sessions are recommended once every 2 to 3 months.

Nyon mesotherapy for men
Rates for Nyon mesotherapy


What for ?
- Limit hair loss
- Booster capillary density
How ?
By microinjections in the scalp, it makes natural products such penetrate as hyaluronic acid, salts minerals, vitamins and oxidants, products that will stimulate the growth of the hair.
We recommend a course of attack, consisting of 4 sessions, weekly, then a 2nd wave of 4 sessions, every 2 weeks.
Then we propose you a maintenance treatment of one session per month or a cure 3 to 4 sessions 2 times per year.

Rates for Nyon Mesopecie


What for ?
- Correct the severity of an expression
- Correct expression as the lion wrinkle wrinkles, the wrinkles in the forehead or wrinkles of the Crow.
How ?
We offer you a prior consultation to assess your expectations and explain you the expected effects as well as for you a quote.
Expected results ?
The result is observed between 5 and 10 days after the injection.
The result is controlled 2 weeks later.
You can resume your activity the same day.

Injection of botanical toxin
Botox Rates


What for ?
- Strengthen the facial skin and reduce wrinkles
- Redesign the oval of the face
How ?
Exilis Elite is a new generation of radio frequency coupled with ultrasound which makes it possible to firm the skin of the face without surgery and without downtime.
We offer you a cure of 4 sessions, one week apart.
Excpected results ?
A result is observed as early as the 1st session but is maximum 6-8 weeks after the last session.
To preserve the benefit, you must be repeat a session every 2 to 3 months.

Lifting Rates
Lifting Rates


Laser hair removal men

A whole new generation of laser, the LINSCAN, is available at the Center and is unique in Switzerland.
It allows permanent, painless and safe hair removal on all types of skin, even dark, and all types of hair, even tin hairs.
Laser treats the excess hair that disturb men.
Light penetrates the skin without damaging tissues and it is absorbed in depth by the brown pigment of the hair (melanin).
Thus, the pigmented hair follicles are destroyed over sessions.
White hairs are not reached by the laser.
The volume of the hair depends on the number of hairs that are in period of growth and their duration thereof. The duration of a cycle is variable depending on the age of the patient and the situation of their body. Sessions will be more or less spaced according to areas.
Just after the meeting a little redness and observed a small swelling of the hair which quickly disappears. In the treated area hair destroyed by the laser are going to fall in the following 2 weeks.
Between sessions the persistent hairs can be shaved or cut with scissors but it is recommended not to use hair removal wax or tweezers pliers.
All these aspects will be discussed with Dr. Larnier on your first visit and specific advice will be given to you to have the maximum effect from the first session.

Session almost painless with our new generation laser
Hair removal is durable over several years or even permanent
Possibility of treating Matt, black or tanned skin

Consult the price for Laser hair removal men.

Laser hair removal men


How ?
- To remove brown spots due to solar exhibitions
- Reduce red spots and dilated vessels from the face
- Strengthen the face
Comment ?
Pulsed light uses flashes of light of different wavelengths.
It can target the melanin contained in brown spots or hemoglobin, red spots.
Expected results  ?
A result is observed as early as the 1st session but is at maximum 4 weeks after the session.
Two or three sessions may be required depending on the degree of photoaging.

Rates for Photorejuvenation


What for ?
Reduce localized fat, love handles and belly fat
How ?
The lipocryolysis destroys fat cells by cold, safely, without anesthesia and without surgery.
We use a medical device, Lipocryo®.
Expected results ?
A result was observed as early as the 1st session but is at maximum 4 to 6 weeks after the session.
Two or three sessions may be required depending on the thickness of adipose tissue.

Lipocryolysis for men at Nyon
Lipocryolysis for men at Nyon