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Facials for men - Otelina Nyon


Fundamental facial for men

An essential facial treatment combining relaxation and efficiency to reboost and detoxify the skin of men.
immaculate mood in 60 minutes !
Precision cleaning, customized mask, relaxing modeling and specific men anti-aging serum.
Complete treatment to cleanse, tonify, moisturize and reduce the signs of age.
Visible results from the first treatment thanks to the effectiveness of the volcanic rock (rich in magnesium)).

Care for Men
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Perfect Oval Sothys

Especially dedicated to men, this treatment target the problems of double chin.
This treatment will be carried out in three steps to smoothen and tonify :
- A Scrub
- A Modeling
- A Double mask

Oval Face Care
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[C] Hyaluronic Collagen™

Anti-aging tailor-made program.
Discover [C] Hyaluronic Collagen ™, the first anti-aging intensive treatment adapted to the actual age of your skin according to the expert diagnosis of your esthetician that determines your grade of aging.
A professional treatment combining technology and exclusive moves for proven and sustainable effectiveness.
Exclusive modeling method of Sothys aestheticians, Digi-Esthétique® combines finger pressure and draining maneuvers to multiply the effectiveness of treatment.
It eliminates stress by intense relaxing effect and strengthens the action of care: the complexion is bright, the skin is toned and plump.

[C] Hyaluronic Collagen™
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A customized response, an unmatched hydrating power.
Offer yourself an exceptional care, combining high technology assets and the expertise aestheticians for absolute hydration.
Digi-Esthétique® enriched modeling techniques, this intensive treatment is an exceptional source of hydration for the skin.
After one treatment, the skin is refreshed, revitalized.

HYDRA 3Ha Care
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Intensive treatment for Eleutherococcus

Without energy, the skin loses its radiance.
The Eleutherococcus, derived from a plant in Siberia, has been used in Chinese medicine and in sport as a booster of energy.
Due to its action on the skin, this treatment ensures a bright and beautiful skin regardless of age, and even in the smoker.

Intensive treatment for Eleutherococcus
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Sothys is the creator of a unique care concept: Event cares.
Inspired by the benefits of nature, Sothys offers care in limited edition collections: Original combinations of plant extracts for a sensory and colorful evasion renewed constantly.

Seasonal face treatment event

A concept of care rhythmed by the seasons, to bring to the skin the essential elements it needs : brightness and tone for the care spring-summer, comfort and nutrition for the autumn-winter care.
Gourmet flavours and a pampering atmosphere program !

Seasonal face treatment event
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Custom modeling care and fundamental facial men.
Your escapade begins with a 100% customized modeling.
Exclusive Sothys: choose from three products from modeling with unique textures and four perfumes.

A de-stressing break exclusively for men !

• Lemon & small grain, fresh and toning escape
• Vanilla & sandalwood wood, enchanting and sweet escape
• Orange Blossom & cedar, musk and Woody wood
• Concentrated Sothys Fragrant, aromatic and musk
A sensory getaway in the scenery guaranteed !
Then, between the expert hands of beauticians you will discover the fundamental face care for men.
Cleaning precision, a customized mask and a relaxing modeling for a more resistant skin and a flawless mood.
A single experience of wellness and effectiveness !

Escapade men care
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