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Otelina Nyon cosmetic products


Live the special unique experience of care according to Sothys through its intensive treatments.
Highly sophisticated protocols in the hands of aestheticians, exclusive formulas for targeted efficiency from the first session !
A full range of care, in phase with the contemporary expectations of beauty and well-being.
Sothys products always combine sensoriality, naturalness and effectiveness.
Sothys focuses also on the safe use of its products through the application of rigorous standards.
Discover them without further delay !

Hydra milk nourishing body format 400ml priced as that of 200 ml and shower cleaning oil as a gift.
All for CHF 55.-by Otelina Swiss Spa.

Otelina Nyon Sothys Products


Sothys Anti-aging program : Discover the benefits of anti-aging cream (grade 1 to 4) and his serum.

Sothys anti-aging products


Sothys was the name that the ancient Egyptians gave to a star of a dazzling clarity.
She appeared in the eyes of the inhabitants of the Pharaohs land to be the supreme jewel.
The men were fascinated by its clarity and beauty.
A heavenly night, Saturn met the young Sothys star.
Even Venus had never seemed to reveal such a beauty.
The meeting was devastating, and a fiery passion slept in Saturn heart, thus upsetting the regular rhythm of the life of the stars.
Uncapable of seeing her beauty challenged, Venus took his revenge and made her sink into the night: rushed from heaven, she disappeared.
Saturn crying continued for forty days and forty nights, flooding the Earth.
For centuries, the world knew more nothing about Sothys until the day where… Sothys reappeared to entrust his secret to the Earth: it was dedicated to the woman to preserve its beauty and happiness.
For her respect, men made her a goddess.

Sothys Nyon