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Our Wellness treatments - Otelina Nyon

New : Our Wellness treatments

Your Beauty institute Otelina offers special moments to support body tensions or overload.
We have created for you wellness treatments, our only priority being to do you good.

Detox treatment

Detox treatment :

This treatment eliminates toxins, reactivating blood circulation and skin firming.
Your body will be in better condition to continue year-round full of vitality.
At Otelina we offer a cure detox which includes  :

- Slimming treatment Sothys including a body scrub, a wrap and an anti-cellulite massage
- Two body drainages of 60 min

Procedure : A slimming the first week, then two draining massages the 2nd week
Price: 375 Frs and enjoy 20% discount on all body and slimming products
To maintain profits, we advise you to make an anti-cellulite program 1-2 times per week, to discuss with your remodeling body aesthetician, who will also provide you with slimming advice.

Detox treatment

Stress treatment

Stress treatment :

Stop to stress ! Relax in your Otelina beauty institute thanks to this cure adapted to your needs : 

- Hot Stone Massage
- The art of Otelina massage
- Shells Massage

Wrap hot spa head to toe, you will feel pleasantly Zen and ready to face the stress of work and everyday life.
Procedure : A massage of 1h15 min per week on 3 weeks or a week express cure, a massage at a day interval (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
Price: 475 Frs and enjoy a sparking face care of 30 minutes offered

Stress treatment

Back pain cure

Back pain treatment :

Back pain is the leading cause of disability before the age of 45.
At your Otelina beauty Institute we offer a back pain cure to relieve and relax your back.

- A back massage of 30 min
- A hot stone massage 1h15 min, which can ease your tensions and relieve pain
- A sports massage of 45 min, which combines stretching, support and kneading

Cure for the men and women with daily back tensions.
Procedure: a massage of 1h 15 min per week on 3 weeks or a week express cure, a massage at a day interval (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
Price : 320 Frs and enjoy a 30 min Cocoon massage offered

Back pain treatment

Pregnant woman cure

Pregnant woman cure :

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman's life.
During these 9 months, there may be muscle pain due to body transformation and sometimes stress.
Massage to soften the skin to avoid stretch marks, to relieve from calves cramps and heavy legs.
Massage is a moment of well-being for the woman but also for the future baby whom from the 4 th month will feel petting and hear soft music that will appease him.
At your Otelina Beauty institute we offer a pregnant woman cure :

- A gentle massage with a suitable pillow (neutral oil) 45 min
- A body scrub 30 min
- A manual drainage or pressure therapy for heavy legs 45 min
- A facial care “Seasonal Event" for a full vitamin uptake of 50 minutes

Procedure: A body scrub followed by a soft massage the 1st week then followed by a face care the 2nd week or an Express cure of one week, scrub + massage and drainage + face care two or three days later.
Price : 380 Frs and enjoy 20% discount on tonifying cream and 20% off the hydra-nourishing body milk.
For the purchase of 3 pregnant woman cures get 10% extra your cure.

Pregnant woman cure